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Types of services

The website redesign

The main thing which allows the company to be up to date is the regular website upgrading. This service includes changing the outdated design, improving site navigation and extending functionality.

The website redesign makes the appearance of the site modern and gives the new direction of development for your business

From 2 weeks
From 130$

Building the mobile version of the website

The mobile version of the website is a must-have for the business online. Many people use mobile phones to surf the Internet and to do online shopping and the more convenient your site is the more money customers spend.

Mobile version helps to reach the target audience and rise in the number of visitors for the site to be indexed in a high position in search engines.

The site is an important business tool so the mobile adaptation is the method of development aimed at care about clients. Building the mobile version includes making the mobile phones smartphones and tablets versions.

From 1 week
From 200$

Improving the website usability

If you want to increase the number of visitors for your website the first thing to analyze is the site usability. The good usability means the simplicity and comprehensibility for the average user. It directly influences on the time and money which users spend surfing the site.

It is important to make a convenient site navigation, create the levels and useful interlinking. The headers and fonts value and the proper text structure is also important because it makes the information perception more convenient. The site-search function is also the key tool if you want to have the easily navigable website.

Increasing the website loading speed

The website loading speed influences the position in search engines, the faster the speed is the higher position the site has. If the site has high position it provides the good trafic.

Almost 80% of users will never come back to the site again if the loading speed is more than 3 seconds. The website loading speed optimization is the complicated task and it is better to be delegated to the professionals. Our team can make the number of important changes which will have the positive impact on the website promotion.

From 4 weeks
From 500$

Technical modification

Straight after the new website building you should think about the important SEO task such as technical modification. Commonly such process is carried out one time before the search promotion. One of the results of a good technical modification is the fast search engine indexation.

Without the proper technical modification it’s impossible to have the high quality promotion. This kind of work should be done by the professionals who have a lot of experience and the good skill level, such people work in our team.

From 4 weeks
From 500$

Creation of the additional pages

Each site consists of a number of pages and every page is modificated for special cluster of the keywords in order to meet the requests of the users. Commonly even the sites with the good traffic have to create the additional pages because it can enlarge the semantic core and generate more traffic to the site.

Sometimes it is necessary to create the additional pages for the commercial use. Such pages may have the unique structure which is different from the structure of website platform.

In that case it is important to delegate such task to the professionals who have the great experience in this area. If you become our client we will do our best for your business to reach the new level of income.

From 4 weeks
From 500$

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