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We launch contextual advertising campaigns.
We help to get new clients and make old clients come back.

Years of successful work
up to16%
Conversion depends on theme
increased the profits

Types of contextual advertising campaigns

Advertising in Yandex Direct

Yandex has one of the leading positions among Russian search engines. Thanks to extensive advertising network and reliable partner sites you get the increased audience coverage. The proper configured retargeting right up to certain location gives the opportunity to minimize the advertising budget by excluding off-target clicks.

From 600$ per month

Advertising in Google Adwords

Advertising campaign in Google Adwords is actual on every project development stage. For the young sites it is a great opportunity to attract the audience to their products or services and to get new targeted clients. For the older sites it also works as one of the instruments in complex Internet marketing.

From 600$ per month

Placement in Yandex.Market

Placement in Yandex.Market gives the opportunity for the young online shops to attract new customers faster and cheaper. For the older sites tt also works as one of the instruments in complex Internet marketing.

From 300$ per month


Remarketing is the special kind of advertising which catches the website visitor or the person who has bought something on your website. In addition to direct advertising you can remind about yourself to the clients who put the products in the shopping cart but didn’t buy them. This way you can encourage the person to make a purchase.

From 300$ per month

Banner advertising

Sometimes banner advertising is unreasonably written off. However, this method is quite effective because it influences the purchasing behaviour. The advantages of qualitative banner advertising are low price, the possibility to regulate audience coverage and increase the site or category traffic.

From 300$ per month

Video advertising

Video advertising works very well in competitive business. You can clearly show the advantages of your products over the competitor's products. It will help to increase visibility of new brands and companies. Well-known brands can bolster the positive image and reputation with the help of video advertising.

From 300$ per month


We know, how find your clients

The benefits of  contextual advertising are obvious. Firstly, the high accuracy of targeting by geolocation and display time excludes non-targeted impressions and saves budget. The second reason is speed, you can find the the publication in search engines very fast . The same thing happens if we speak about editing, the changes you make appears instantly.

The third reason is saving the budget. You pay only for clicks, and you can adjust the cost per click and the total number of clicks yourself. However, this advantage also contains the main difficulty, you should constantly monitor the cost per click.

The cost per click is determined with the help of auction system. The main task of a contextual advertising specialist is to plan the costs of the advertising budget very well. Also the specialist can search for alternative requests which will be more profitable, it means that the cost per click will be lower, but the effectiveness higher.


Why clients choose us


We carefully analyze specifics of the business and build individual strategy

Focus on results

We focus on business metrics, optimize advertising budget and increase the sales


We use our own effective methods and technologies while searching for audience


We provide the ample statistics every month. We appreciate business transparency

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